Adding Company Names to Invoices and Sales Receipts for People

Learn how to have Novi automatically send a person's company name to QuickBooks Online so it can be added to their transactions.

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It might be helpful for you to understand the fundamental difference between the way that Novi and QuickBooks handle customers. This article covers this in depth.


When QuickBooks Online generates a transaction, such as an invoice or sales receipt, the name and address of the customer responsible for payment is listed on the transaction. 

In the case where an individual was responsible for payment, their name was listed on the invoice but their company name was not. We received some feedback that both the individual name and company name needed to be listed in order to help facilitate payment.

The Novi team can now optionally turn on a feature to send the parent company name to the "Company Name" field in QuickBooks Online. 

Enabling the Setting

Reach out to the Novi support team. We can enable a setting to "Send parent company name to QuickBooks Online company Name."


When this setting is enabled, whenever a person record is saved inside of Novi, then the person's parent name (if the parent is a company) is sent to QuickBooks as the "company name." When sales receipts, invoices, or other transactions are created within Novi or QuickBooks, then the company name will be included in the "bill to" window.


  • Ultimately, the "parent" field in QuickBooks and Novi is the most important field to establish the parent-child relationship. When it comes to customer records for people, the "company" field in QuickBooks is quite literally window dressing.  It is only used to ensure that a transaction is mailed to the appropriate party.

  • If you update an individual's parent company record in Novi, it will update in QuickBooks Online.

  • If you change the company name in QuickBooks, you will need to also update the parent company name in Novi. It is more efficient to change the name in Novi so that you are not duplicating your work.

  • This only applies if you ask us to turn this setting on.

  • This only applies to individual records, not companies.

If you want this to apply to new individual records moving forward, we will simply turn on the setting. 

If you want this to apply to existing individual records in addition to new individual records moving forward, we will need to run what's called a "Push" to QuickBooks Online to update that info, which can take several hours. While that is running, you will need to halt working in Novi and QuickBooks Online, so we may recommend that we begin this process near the end of a business day. 

Please let us know which option you'd like to take.

NOTE: Neither option will update existing QuickBooks Online transactions. The setting will apply to transactions moving forward.

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