Member chooses not to pay an invoice

One Step: In Novi, View Invoice. Press "Non-renew & Credit"

  • The member's expiration date will be automatically rolled back to the previous expiration date & a credit memo will be issued.

  • The credit memo will offset the revenue booked by the dues invoice. QuickBooks will apply this credit memo to the invoice using a zero dollar payment transaction.

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Dues invoice created in error

One Step: In QuickBooks, view invoice. Delete or void.

  • Transaction  is removed from QuickBooks and Novi.

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Unpaid dues invoice needs to be updated

One Step: In Novi, View Invoice. Press "Recalculate."

  • The dues invoice will be re-calculated based on updates to dues rules, related custom field values, and member type. Additionally, any changes to the billing address will be applied to the transaction.

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Unpaid dues invoice needs to be customized outside of normal dues rules

One Step: In QuickBooks, open invoice and add, remove, or change any line items.

  • These changes will be synced back to Novi and will be visible in the Member Compass™.

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For Organizations Using QuickBooks Payments

One Step: Create a refund receipt in QuickBooks, entering the credit card information for which the refund will be created.

For organizations using Stripe

Step 1: Issue refund in Stripe

Step 2: Create refund receipt in QuickBooks

For all organizations

  • Refund receipt should use the same item(s) attached to the original dues invoice.

  • Refund receipt should be mapped to the undeposited funds account so that it can be included in your payment processing batch deposit.

  • In rare cases where refunds are greater than sales, this workflow may be needed to create a negative deposit.

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Step 1: Follow the "Paid dues invoice needs to be refunded via credit card" workflow above.

  • This will handle the first part of the accounting.

Step 2: In Novi, manually revert customer's expiration date to prior year's date and save the record.

  • The member will be listed as expired, reflecting the fact that their dues have just been refunded.

Step 3: In Novi, manually renew the member.

  • This renews the member and re-issues the invoice.

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