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Cheat Sheet: Member Directory Privacy and Data Protection
Cheat Sheet: Member Directory Privacy and Data Protection

Learn some of the settings available to hide or otherwise lock down sensitive information within the member directory.

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There are a number of different options available to you when setting up your member directories. Each one of these settings can affect what data shows to whom. Below is a quick list of settings you'll want to consider.

Directories > Settings Section

The following settings apply to all records within a specific directory.


  • This setting determines who is able to view the directory on the frontend website. When choosing visibility to the Public, all general website visitors will be able to see the members within this directory. You can also choose to limit visibility to Specific Groups within your database, so only those logged-in members of the specific group can view the directory on your website. (#1 in the image below)

  • Additionally, if you choose to display the directory to the public, you can choose to show (or not show) the contact info of listed members in the directory. (#2 in the image below)

Staff List (Company Detail Page)

  • This setting, along with your featured listings settings, determines whether the staff of a company will be displayed on the detail page of a company's directory listing. This is a setting that applies to company-based membership types only. (#3 in the image below)

Groups > Group Beneficiaries

Show Inheriting Members in Directory

  • This determines whether inheriting members are included in the directory. For trade associations, enabling this would generally show the people working for companies. For societies, this would generally show the companies that your members work for.

Association Settings > Events Tab

Allow Event Attendees to be Shown to the Public

  • This setting grants the ability for admins to show event attendees to the public. Each event will have the option once this global setting is turned on in Association Settings.

Event Record > Settings Tab

Show attendees to public

  • If the global event setting listed above is activated, then admins are given the opportunity to show or hide attendees for specific events on the website.

Member Record > Settings Tab

The following settings only apply to the specific customer for which they are toggled. They also overrule any member type, global, or specific event settings to add additional privacy for the member records toggled.

Hide on Website

  • This setting literally hides the specific member record from being displayed within the member directory on the website.

Hide Contact Information on Website

  • This will allow the member to be listed on the website, but contact information will not be shown. Learn more.

Hide Address on Website

  • This will allow the member to be listed on the website, but their address will not be shown.

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