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Emergency Alert

Learn how to quickly place a site-wide alert at the top of every page of your website.

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If you have a major alert to communicate with members, perhaps an upcoming natural event (hurricane/snow storm) or holiday resulting in office closure, set an alert bar to appear at the top of your website. Users will see this at the top of every page they visit. 

Add an Emergency Alert

Follow these steps to add a new alert to your site:

1. Visit your Association Settings in the backend.

2. Select the Alerts tab.

3. Enter your alert text.

  • Tip: Do not copy and paste into this section, or you could bring over unwanted formatting. Either type the text or be sure to "paste as text".

4. Click the Save & Close button.

Remove an Emergency Alert

To remove an existing alert from your website, follow the steps above. For Step 3, delete the text in the Emergency Alert field. When left blank, the alert is removed from the frontend.

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