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Troubleshooting: Why Can't I See the Intercom Button?
Troubleshooting: Why Can't I See the Intercom Button?

What to do if the Intercom icon isn't showing for you in Novi.

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Intercom is our post-launch communication platform for questions, bug reporting and feature requests. We'll use it to communicate with you about those things once you are live and enjoying your new website!

Though a rare occurrence, a few customers have mentioned occasionally not being able to see the Intercom portal in the admin side of Novi.

If this happens to you, first, try to scroll your screen as far to the bottom-right as possible. It may be that you are on a small screen that is hiding the section. If that is not the case, please continue reading.

If your screen positioning is not the culprit, it is likely that your browser is blocking Intercom and you'll need to take action in your browser settings, or use a different browser.

Here is some helpful information directly from the Intercom team:

"One of the common reasons the Messenger might not show for some users is if they have an adblocker or browser extension enabled, or use Firefox (which has tracking protection enabled by default). While Intercom isn’t an ad-provider, adblocking plugins may also block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality! Try disabling your adblocker, or use a browser other than Firefox."

Quick Tip: If you have a website question and need reach us while you're looking in to this, you can also reach out to our support team here

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