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Change a Person's Parent Member

Learn how to update a record in Novi when someone moves to a new company or is no longer employed.

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1. Change Parent Member (i.e. Company)

Go to the Details tab on the person's record in Novi and change their Parent Member from the old company to the new company. If the person does not have a new company, simply remove the parent (backspace to clear it out). Then click the Save button.

Please Note: If the person had management access with their previous parent company, this will not transfer to the new parent company. If they should have management access for the new company, go to the company's record and update their access on the People tab. This applies to Primary Contact and Billing Contact settings as well.

2. Update Contact Info

While on the person's Details tab, scroll down to the Professional Contact section and update any contact information that has changed.

3. Review User Account

After updating the information above, the admin should review the Account Email (on the Settings tab) to determine if it also needs to be updated. 

  • Learn more about the difference between an individual's professional contact email vs their user account email, and where each is located on the backend.

Why should the admin check the User Account Email?

The user account may be tied to their previous job's email, which they no longer have access to should they try to reset their password in the future. So, the admin should change their user account to a new email address and let the user know. 

A possible exception is if they are using a personal email to log in already. When it comes to personal emails, some people continue to use the same email address as their login, even if their work email changes. In this case, it is best to confirm with the person which email they want to use as their user account login.

How can the admin update the User Account Email?

Learn more about the steps to change an individual's user account email address (on the backend).

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