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Edit the Join Modal

Learn how to edit the Join modal (Membership & Account Access).

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When a user clicks the "Join" link at the top of your website, the Join modal will appear with the options to "Create an Account" or "View Membership Information." The text in the white areas (in the screenshot below) can be changed by an admin.

How to Edit the Join Modal

To make changes to the text in the "Join Left Column" and the "Join Right Column" (the white area in the screenshot above) follow these steps:

(1) While logged in to the site as an admin, go to the frontend and toggle the Page Editor to Active.

(2) Then, click on the pencil icon (top center).

(3) From the drop-down list, click on Join Left Column or Join Right Column.

(4) The "Membership & Account Access" modal will appear.

(5) Edit the text as needed.

(6) Click the green Save button (or go to File > Save on the toolbar).

If you make changes to both columns, be sure to click both Save buttons before exiting from the modal!

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