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Getting Started Developing with the Novi API
Getting Started Developing with the Novi API

Learn how to get up and running to develop your integration with the Novi AMS platform.

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The Novi API is a set of endpoints that are available to third-party developers for accessing data for clients within the Novi AMS platform. If you are a developer looking to build an integration with Novi AMS, this article is a good place to start. 

Initial Setup

In order to authorize your API calls, you'll need to setup an API key in the admin section (click the gear icon next to your name > Settings > click on the API Keys link). If you are a developer working on behalf of a Novi customer, you may need to ask them to create the key for you. For security reasons, our Novi support team will not create API keys for customers or 3rd party developers.

In order to give our associations as much control as possible over their data, our API keys have a unique level of security on them that allows the association to limit the API calls to specific members and member data fields. 

It's up to the association to decide what level of access to grant your integration, but for most integrations we recommend our clients setup a wide open API Key with all fields available and a Novi group that includes all members. This would be the closest setup to a traditional API you are familiar with.

For more information on API key setup, please refer to our article on API Key configuration.

Authorizing Your API Calls

Once you have your API key setup, you can start making calls to the Novi API by including the key in the Authorization header of every call. Each call will need an Authorization header value with "Basic " followed by the api key (ex: "Basic nGndqzLJ1hg+OcMQgThuNderuPW6n0EnqyEaarhPuegDQk=".)

API Reference

The best way to understand what API calls we have available and how to use them is to review our API reference docs -

Each call is listed there along with examples of the request values and the results (including success and failure results).

Don't see what you need?

Rather than being fully built-out from day one - our API has been a work in progress that we add to as our clients have specific needs. If your integration needs access to data that isn't yet available via the API, definitely feel free reach out to our team via Intercom and we can work together to spec out additions to the API.

Testing Environment

If you are collaborating with the Novi AMS team on implementing a Novi SSO use case for one of our clients, your best bet may be to work in the staging environment we already have for that client. This will give you access to a copy of their data and user set (usually several months old).

Need Help?

If you have questions about the API, need help or a testing environment for your integration, or have ideas that could make your development easier, feel free to reach out to our team by clicking the "blue bubble" in the bottom right of this article and sending us a message via Intercom.

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