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Event Ticket Display Order
Event Ticket Display Order

How to change the display order of Event Tickets.

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When setting up an event, the order of the registration tickets may be important, especially if there are a lot of tickets to choose from. Organizing the tickets in a specific order can be helpful for users to easily find and purchase the correct items.

Event tickets can be arranged in two main ways:

1. All tickets listed together in one section - For this option, you can change the display order on the "Tickets" tab of the event by simply dragging and dropping. This is what we'll be describing below.

2. Tickets grouped by category - If your tickets are grouped by category, you will also drag and drop tickets to change their order (seen below), but you'll have the additional options of dropping tickets into specific categories as well as ordering the categories themselves. For more information on ticket categories and their functionality, refer to the Event Ticket Category article.

How to Change the Display Order of Event Tickets

  • Create your event tickets if you have not done so already.

  • Go to the Tickets tab of the event.

  • Click & drag/drop the tickets into the correct order once you see the drag & drop cursor change.

  • The order in which you drag/drop your tickets on the backend is the order they will appear on the frontend registration page.

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