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How to Require Users to Log In for Event Registrations
How to Require Users to Log In for Event Registrations

Learn how to set up event tickets so that everyone must login to register - members only, specific member type(s), or specific group(s).

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Scenarios for Requiring Users to Log In

Some common reasons an association may want to require users to log in when registering for an event include:

  • We want to track CEUs for all attendees - This can only be done on individual records when the user is logged in (not on the Novi Guest record).

  • We want more data and no "Novi Guest" registrations - If a user is not logged in, they're considered a guest. This means their event registration is under the "Novi Guest" record, whether they're a member or not. More info on Novi Guest.

  • We want Non-Members to have the option to be invoiced - Only logged-in users have the Invoice option for their payment. 

Event Setting: Ability to Purchase

If you want to have the best data possible for your event registration lists and do not want to see any Novi Guest purchasers, then you'll want to consider setting the Ability to Purchase setting on an event ticket to "Logged-in Members" or "Specific Group" or "Member Type."

Either setting will ensure that your users need to be logged in to register with that ticket (this can even apply to free "RSVP" tickets).

Additionally, you may want to limit the ability to attend which can help track who attends the event. However, keep in mind that attendees then must also be included in the specified group in order to be added to a ticket. If you are needing to track purchasers but still allow guests to attend the event, you may not want to restrict the ability to attend.

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Logged-In Members

If a ticket's ability to purchase is locked down to Logged-In Members, it will only be available to individuals who are logged in and are either a current member or are inheriting benefits from a current member.

If a user is not logged in and the "Ability to Purchase" is not public - they'll see the following verbiage for locked-down tickets:

If a user is logged in but their membership isn't current, they'll see the following verbiage for locked-down member tickets:

Specific Group: Any Logged In User

Locking down the ability to purchase a ticket to a Specific Group is a great way to include members and non-members while still requiring them to log in. That way, you don't end up with any Novi Guest registrations, but you can still allow non-members to register.

Steps to Require Non-Member Login for Event Registrations:

  • Create a group with the condition: Has a User Account equals Yes. This condition will pull members and non-members who have a user account login.

  • Select the appropriate Group Beneficiaries.

  • Click the Save & Close button to create the new group.

  • Go to the event and set the Ability to Purchase on each applicable ticket to "Specific Group" - Select the "Has a User Account" group that you created above. More info on Event Ticket Setup.

Items of Note for Requiring Non-Members to Login:

  • Don't forget to add this setting on all of the tickets that non-members can purchase!

Specific Group: Other Scenarios

You can limit the ability to purchase a ticket to any of your Novi Groups, or even multiple groups on the same ticket. Note that the group must be created before it can be added to a ticket. In addition to the "members & non-members" scenario above, some other examples include:

  • Retired Members - If you have a custom field that tracks members' retirement status, you can create a group and then offer a discounted ticket that only they can purchase.

  • Board Members - You probably already have a group of your board members, but if not, you can manually add them to a new group. In this example, maybe you don't want everyone to see that the board is receiving a discount. If so, just set the Visibility setting to the same group.

  • Staff - This could be a free "RSVP" ticket (with hidden visibility), even if it's just so association staff are included in food counts and name badge prep.

Member Type

If the ability to purchase a ticket is set by Member Type, users will be required to log in so the system can check the member type on their record. 

  • A ticket with this setting will only be available to individuals who are logged in and are either a current member or are inheriting benefits from a current member - within the member type(s) selected

  • Multiple member types can be applied to the same ticket.

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