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How to set the time zone for an event and where it will be displayed.

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When your association is in one time zone, but you host or manage events happening in a different time zone, making sure that your members are clear on the proper time is important.

This article covers how to indicate the time zone on an event, where the time zone will be displayed, and other items of note.

Specify a Time Zone on Events

  • The time zone for an event can be set up in the New Event modal during initial setup, and also on the Details tab of the event (see screenshots below).

  • If the association's time zone is different from the time zone of the event location, admins can select the appropriate Event Time Zone from a drop-down list. The drop-down has the same options as the standard Microsoft Windows list for time zones.

  • The system will automatically determine if it's Daylight Time (e.g. PDT) or Standard Time (e.g. PST), based on the time zone selected and the date/time of the event. 

Time Zone Displayed on Frontend

  • The time zone will be displayed in 4 places: The frontend event detail display (see screenshot below), frontend registration page, in the Event confirmation email, and the Event reminder email. 

  • The time zone also applies to the "Add to Calendar" feature of the event so people will show up at the right time!

Event Detail Display:

Items of Note:

  • The time zone for an event will default to the association's time zone in Association Settings. In this case, there are no additional steps during set up.

  • The time zone setting is not based on the location of the event - these settings are independent of each other. The admin will need to make sure the time zone is updated if the event is not in the same time zone as the association.

  • Multi-day events won't display a time zone because they're "all day."

  • The start/end times for ticket registration and promo codes are still based on the association's time zone.

  • On the frontend, only the 4 continental US time zones have abbreviations - others are spelled out (e.g. "Hawaiian Standard Time").

  • For locations that do not observe Daylight Saving Time (e.g. Indiana), the admin should choose whichever time zone is applicable. There's an option for "Indiana (East)" for example.

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