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Configuring Key Information in Member Fields and Custom Fields
Configuring Key Information in Member Fields and Custom Fields

Add or remove fields from your new member signup form.

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What Is Key Information? 

We know it's more important than ever these days to have a simple, streamlined and efficient member signup process on your website, and you can do so with Key Information!

Key Information refers to fields (member fields and custom fields) that are displayed for:

  • New dues-paying members during signup

  • New users creating user accounts for the first time during account creation

  • New memberships via the Member Compass

  • Member Compass renewals

Rather than having users fill out every single field of information you'd like to collect from them during initial signup, you'll determine which fields they need to fill out during the signup/manual renewal process and which can get filled out via their Member Compass at a later time.

What Do I Need To Do To Set Up My Key Information?

Setting up your Key Information is simple! You'll just need to determine which of your Member Fields and which of your Custom Fields should be Key Information, which is as simple as clicking a checkmark in a column on your site!

The videos below will walk you through the setup process and important information you should know pertaining to both of these sections.

Please note: If you do not configure your Key Information fields, no problem! The following fields will automatically be labeled as Key Information:

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Billing Address

  • Parent Member

  • Any Required Fields

  • All Fields Used in Dues Rules

Ready to get started setting up your Key Information? There are two locations where this will need to be set up: Member Fields and Custom Fields. Find out more below!

Configuring Key Information in Member Fields

Main Takeaways:

  • Determine which fields are Key Information by ensuring that the green checkmark appears in that column for that particular field.

  • Remember there are Member Fields for both people and company records.

  • A field can be Key Information and not be required, but it can't be required and not be Key Information.

Configuring Key Information in Custom Fields

Main Takeaways:

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