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Verifying Domain Name Access
Verifying Domain Name Access

Initial onboarding task to verify you own the domain that will be used for your Novi AMS website.

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In today's world, your domain name (e.g., is a key part of your brand. Your domain is about more than just your main website - it's your email, sometimes your office login, and often other websites that are important to your members. In the early stages of onboarding, we want to make sure you have everything lined up to have your domain name point to your new Novi AMS powered website. As a first step, we ask that you set up just a couple of DNS records for us to verify that you own the domain you want to use for your Novi website.

Please set up (or have your technology person set up) the following two TXT type records in your DNS (or one TXT record if it is a subdomain), and then let us know so our team can verify it.

TXT Records (for domain name verification)

TXT Record 1

  • Host:"asuid"

  • Value: "8970C5A8E6A7189132A8B3CB0A819F192C8892F57BD9949891DCE3953CDD4C27"

TXT Record 2

  • Host:"asuid.www"

  • Value: "8970C5A8E6A7189132A8B3CB0A819F192C8892F57BD9949891DCE3953CDD4C27"

Note for Subdomains: If you are using a subdomain for your Novi website, your record will need to look a little different. Instead of the above records, you'll want just one record:

TXT Record

  • Host:"asuid.{subdomain}"

  • Value: "8970C5A8E6A7189132A8B3CB0A819F192C8892F57BD9949891DCE3953CDD4C27"

Don't know how to do this? No problem!

Not every organization will have a technical contact in-house or on a volunteer basis who can handle this setup. Your domain name is a central hub for multiple points of your technology infrastructure, and changes here can affect other services such as your email or other websites your organization owns. It's important someone understands that ecosystem and makes the changes in a knowledgeable way to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. The Novi team has recommendations for technology service contacts who can help you manage this transition - refer to our Consultants page for details!

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