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One of our Novi customers shared some best practices for managing LiveChat on your website

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Several Novi customers use LiveChat to offer white-glove service to members. This is above and beyond what most associations provide; however, they feel that it's an important benefit for their members.

Quick & Easy: Integrating LiveChat into your Website!

  1. Complete the signup process with LiveChat.

  2. Click the settings option on the bottom left side.

  3. Select channels >chat widget > install on web > copy the code.

Add the code to Your Novi website

  1. Go to the Association Settings (from the backend, click the gear in the top right).

  2. Go to the Analytics/Scripts section.

  3. Enter the code in the Body Script or markup field.

After saving, go to the frontend of the website and make sure it's working properly. It should look something like this:



There are a number of third-party tools that can be embedded into your website to add direct 1:1 communication with members and website visitors. Live Chat is just one of those tools. Whatever platform you choose will have more instructions, and of course, we're happy to be a resource if you have questions as to where to place the code.

Tips for Using LiveChat

  • Dedicate a staff person to this role or dedicate "office hours" if you have multiple people answering.

  • Remember to log in and out!

  • Create documentation around how you will handle member's questions (tone, turnaround time, etc) so that other team members can assist as needed.

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