Using the Task Center

An overview of the backend Task Center, where admins can manage record-related tasks for themselves and other staff.

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Tasks are one of the types of activities that can be added to the Timeline on a member's record and when it comes to managing tasks, that's the Task Center comes in handy. Tasks are a unique activity type because they can be assigned to an admin with a due date and the admin can mark it complete when done - and the assignee receives email notifications about the assignment and due dates. Tasks also have a status like open, overdue, or complete for a quick review of tasks need attention.

Task Center Highlights:

  • Manage tasks for the entire team.

  • View a list of tasks by persons who have been assigned and see if they are overdue.

  • Create new tasks and edit or delete existing tasks.

  • Task notification emails are sent to assignee when assigned, when the due date is close, and if the task becomes overdue.

  • Less sticky notes all over your desk!

Before using the Task Center, tasks must be created:

Once tasks have been created, they will be listed in the Task Center where all admins can manage tasks for themselves and other admins. Keep reading to see all the ways you can use the Task Center to keep your team focused and efficient!

Manage Tasks in the Task Center

Found under the Members section on the backend, the Task Center is a centralized place to manage your team's member-related tasks, which are actionable items added to a member's record by an admin. 

The Task Center link in the left sidebar menu under the Members tab will show a red number badge beside it with a count of open tasks that are assigned to you.

Task Center Functionality

Sections in the Task List

The list of tasks is split into 3 sections, based on the status of the tasks:

  1. Overdue

  2. Open

  3. Completed

  • The default view in the Task Center will display Overdue and Open tasks that are assigned to you.

  • Overdue tasks show as red instead of blue. Note: If a task is due today, it won't show as overdue until midnight.

  • When marking a task as completed, it won't move to the Completed section of the list until you refresh the page.

  • If a task is set to display a Follow-up after the task has been marked as completed, a Follow-up task modal will appear so admins can create a follow-up task. >> Learn more about creating or editing custom activities or tasks

Quick Filters

In the top left staging area, quickly filter the list by clicking on the My Tasks or Team Tasks icons:

  • Open Tasks (blue) - Open tasks, including overdue

  • Overdue Tasks (red) - Only tasks with an overdue status

Use the Search box to find tasks by Subject or by the content in the Notes section of the task(s).


Use the filter drop-down to narrow the list of tasks by:

  • Assigned To - the default is All Team Tasks or choose a specific admin

  • Task Status - Any, Open, or Complete

  • Task Date - Enter a start (Date From) and/or end date (Date To)

Task Details Overview

The following information will be displayed on each task:

  • Subject

  • Notes

  • Admin Name

  • Member Name

  • Mark Complete (checkbox on left and button on right)

  • Edit Task (pencil)

  • Delete Task (trash can)

CSV Export & Gear Icon

  • Use the Excel icon to export the list as a CSV file

  • Use the gear icon to change the number of tasks displayed (up to 300 at a time)

Create New Task

  1. New Task button

  2. Plus icon (+)

Email Reminders

Admins assigned to tasks will receive an email reminder:

  • 1 day before a task is due

  • When a task is 1 week overdue

  • Every Monday up to 28 days overdue

Until the task is complete or more than a month overdue.

Task reminder emails will appear similar to the example below:

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