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Address Cleanup Tool

Find addresses with missing billing and/or shipping address, and quickly update them!

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The Address Cleanup tool helps you quickly identify and update records in your system without a billing/shipping address, or perhaps records with an address that you know isn't quite right.

Read below to find out more on where to find the tool, how to filter through your records in the tool, and how to use it!

Finding The Address Cleanup Tool

To open the Address Cleanup tool:

  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the admin side of your site

  • Under Tools, select Address Cleanup

Using the Search & Filter

Use the search and filter options at the top of the tool to easily find the records you'd like to clean up:

  • Search for a member by name

  • Filter by records missing a billing address

  • Filter by records missing a shipping address

  • Filter by records missing a county/parish

  • Filter by:

    • member type

    • non-member records

    • inheriting records

Novi Tip! Some admins will break this cleanup into filters so they can stay organized. Some will do work on a certain member type at a time, or by which address is missing, instead of navigating through the whole list!

How to use the Address Cleanup Tool

Once you've filtered to the records you want to see and begin looking through the list of records and their addresses, you'll see columns for name, billing address, shipping address, and actions:

Billing & Shipping Address Columns

The billing and shipping address columns show you the address that the record currently has. If either is blank, that means the record doesn't have that address. 

  • These regions are editable and can be edited directly, or through one of the actions in the Action column that the tool provides.

Notice that above each address, you'll see a box that says "Use Parent Billing/Shipping Address". Clicking this will give this record the billing and/or shipping address of its parent. 

  • For example, if you're working on a person's address, clicking this box would give the person the billing or shipping address of their company. Doing this will gray the address boxes out and will automatically populate the parent's address. The person's address will also automatically update if the parent's address changes in the future.

Action Column: Copy Billing to Shipping (and vice versa!)

The Action column allows you to click copy the billing address into the shipping address, and vice versa! This is a great tool to use if you know that the member likely uses the same address for both but just doesn't have the information on their record.

Action Column: Update Address

This step is very important! In the Action column, you also have an "Update Address" button with a save icon. As you're making changes to each record, you'll need to click this button so that your changes will be saved.

But don't worry, if you forget to save, you'll see a little reminder under the save button that you have unsaved changes:

For more information on keeping your data clean for the long run, check out our previous roundtable on How to Keep Your Member Data Clean.

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