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Set Up a Single Sign On (SSO) Client for a 3rd Party Integration Partner
Set Up a Single Sign On (SSO) Client for a 3rd Party Integration Partner

If you've been asked to provide an SSO client ID or secret key, here's how you do it!

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The Novi SSO feature of the Novi AMS platform can allow you to leverage the Novi AMS user database for authentication to a 3rd party application. If you have an integration partner who has asked you for any of the following - 

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret/Secret Key

Here's how you can quickly and easily set this up and provide them the requested information -

Setting Up a Novi SSO Client

Step 1: On the backend, click the gear icon (top right) and select SSO Clients under the Settings section.

Step 2: When adding a new Novi SSO client, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Name - A description to help you recognize this particular client.

  • Valid Redirect URLs - A list of URLs that should be provided to you by the integration partner (these should be comma-separated, with no spaces).

  • Permitted Groups - To limit the single sign-on access to specific members, use this field to select the group(s) that should have access to this SSO client. If no groups are selected and the field is left blank, all members will have access (regardless of membership status). If you need to create a new group, follow the steps here.

Step 3: Once you fill in the above information and click Save & Close, the Client ID and Secret Key you'll need to give to the integration partner will be generated. You can copy and paste them from the list view - 

That's it! Once you provide the above values to your integration partner they should be able to set up the SSO connection from there. If you have any questions about a specific partner, we encourage contacting their support team as they'll have the most relevant & up to date information regarding their connection to Novi.

Note: By configuring and distributing the above keys you are consenting to allow access to basic profile information (name, email, customer ids, etc) for all your users. Please be sure you have a trusted relationship with whoever you provide these keys to.

Video Walkthrough: How to Set up an SSO Client for a Third Party

If you are a developer looking for more information about how to set up an SSO connection, please check out our developer documentation.

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