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Advanced: Add Global CSS Styles to your Novi Website
Advanced: Add Global CSS Styles to your Novi Website

Learn how to customize the aesthetic of your website by adding CSS styles in your settings.

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We've marked this as advanced because this feature is for users who understand CSS and how it will affect the site styles.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) works with HTML to simplify your website's design. If you understand how to use CSS rules, you can specify a style once that can be applied globally to your website, rather than element-by-element. Used appropriately, this can be an easy way to edit the branding/aesthetic of your website.

How can I add CSS to my website?

  • Navigate to Association Settings on your website by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the admin section. In the dropdown, select Association Settings.

  • Navigate to the Analytics/Scripts tab in the Association Settings modal.

  • Scroll down to the Styles section and add your CSS code to the Head Tag CSS & Styles field.

What do I need to know about managing my CSS styles?

Since there is a relationship between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in your front-end code, your team will be responsible for managing any CSS changes that are added to your Association Settings. This includes any unintended consequences, which could occur when Novi implements new features and code.

Please Note: If you add global CSS styles to your site, be sure to monitor Novi's bi-weekly Release Notes for any changes that may "break" your CSS styles. You'll also want to review your front-end website on a recurring basis to catch any design issues.

Need Help?

If you prefer to have Novi update your website branding/design, or if you need assistance with CSS code you've added to the site, please reach out via Intercom for a time estimate and quote for your project.

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