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Strange Data in the Member Record's Shipping County Drop Down Menu
Strange Data in the Member Record's Shipping County Drop Down Menu

It is possible to find misspelled county names, counties from out of state(s) you serve, and other strange items in the County/Parish field.

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Member records, whether they are people or companies, have both billing and shipping addresses. Shipping addresses allow for associated counties so that associations can pull legislative affairs or other reports based on those jurisdictions. Sometimes strange data, including misspellings, out-of-market counties, and even random words can find their way into this drop-down field.

The drop-down itself is dynamically generated by the data within your database. If someone on your team enters a new county, it will then appear in the list for future records. Additionally, if someone enters a typo or an "internal note," that data will begin to appear in the drop-down.

Cleaning Your County/Parish List

The easiest way to find records with incorrect data is to generate a quick custom report.

Set the following Condition:

  • Contact Info > County/Parish Equal [enter offending county name here]

In the Display Settings, you'll only need to see the member's actual name, so set the columns to display to:

  • General Info > Name

  • Once you Save & View the report, you can go to each member's record and update their County/Parish name.

Best Practices to Ensuring Clean Data

Novi AMS uses the Google Maps API to help users (both members and staff admins) to validate addresses as they are typed. Simply re-type the member's shipping address in the box and it should auto-populate for you. We recommend that you rely on this assistance as much as possible.

Cleaning Existing Data

If you are looking to eradicate a specific value and you can't figure out which records are using that value, then try creating a custom report (see the steps above).

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