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Roundtable Recap: Dues Rules & Renewals
Roundtable Recap: Dues Rules & Renewals

September 1, 2020

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In this roundtable, we shared some best practices on getting ready for renewal season! In case you missed it, check out the video and refresh your memory with these tips & reminders.


Now is a great time to review your settings for each member type's dues rules, renewal settings, renewal email messaging, and the "Message Displayed on Invoice".

First, to review and update any of the above, head into the Member Type Settings. This article walks you through each of the settings and is a great resource to bookmark.

Tips/Tricks from the Roundtable Discussion

  • Use a test account to do a trial run of each member type's dues each year. Update the test account's member type, run the dues & make sure it all looks good!


  • Renewal Messaging - this is a great place to update and add your value statement/member benefits to encourage renewals

  • Send yourself a sample email of the renewal messages

  • Auto-Pay - review the messaging, and ensure it's clear about how the member can opt-out.

Product Add Ons with Dues Renewals

  • Explain the value proposition for optional suggested donations - for example, "Donate to the Education Foundation to increase the pipeline flow of new workers in our industry."

  • If you have multiple optional add-ons with suggested donation amounts, make the suggested amounts different, so that way if someone opts to pay one but not the other, you can quickly know which one.

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