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Activity Import Overview

Import member-specific internal notes & activities from your legacy AMS.

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About Activity Imports

Importing activities into Novi allows you to add historical notes to the Timeline tab of your members' records. Learn more about Timeline Activities.

When Activity Imports Occur

The Activity import is done after the membership data import is complete and approved.

Please note that while Novi will assist you throughout the import process, admins are ultimately responsible for exporting the data from their current system.

Setting Up an Activity Import File

Activity data is imported from one spreadsheet. Keep in mind when setting up the data import that it is very literal. When the system reads data, data points MUST match up with what is in Novi. For an Activity import, an example is the member's name in the spreadsheet - the activity will be added to the member record in Novi so it's important that the data match exactly.

See the information below for formatting and requirement guidelines.

Row Number

Label row numbers from 1 and beyond.

Member ID

*Required. This is the ID of the member which should match exactly to the "Import ID" from your Members Import Spreadsheet. This is usually the member's name but could be a number.


*Required. This should be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY. This is the date of the Note/Activity. If you do not have this information in your data, enter a generic date (e.g. January 1 of the current year).

Activity Type

*Required. What this should be entered as. Must be one of the following: Note, Task, Meeting, Call, Email, Membership, Ecommerce, Events, Credit, Parent Change

  • Custom Activity Type: For activities that are not covered by the predefined options mentioned above, you can track them using a custom activity type. Once you create the custom activity type, you can import notes under that specific type.


If credit was earned, enter the number of credits here. Leave blank if not applicable.

If different in some cases, you can import:

  • Credits Possible

    Enter the number of credits the member can earn.

  • Credits Awarded

    Enter the number of credits the member actually earned by participating in a course/activity.

Credit Type

This must be set up in Novi before the activity import and the entry on the spreadsheet should match the Credit Type that exists in Novi.


*Required. 200 character max. This is a text field that represents the title/label of the activity and can be anything you want. Some examples include Phone Call, Email, Site Visit, Membership, Credit, Sponsorship, etc. If you do not have this data you can enter something generic (e.g. Historical Note).


This is an optional text field where you can enter additional information about the activity.

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