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Troubleshooting: Site Not Loading
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Styles Not Loading or CSS Not Loading

The "Site not loading" issue typically only happens soon after going live with your new site. The person reporting the issue might state that the site isn't loading or the site doesn't finish loading. The affected user(s) might see the site looking like this:

Site not loading CSS styles

As opposed to this:

Site loads correctly with all styles and CSS

This specific scenario is caused by the styles of the site not loading. Novi AMS loads the styles from a different URL than the main site in order to optimize the speed of the site. In some corporate network environments, the IT department will block unknown URLs or domain names from getting into the network. This is for security purposes on their end. Some IT departments, who are extremely concerned about security, may be a bit overzealous in the things they choose to block for security purposes.

One way to have the user confirm this would be to ask them to turn off the WiFi on their phone and then access the site. If the site loads correctly then you have identified the issue.

To solve this, the affected user will need to submit a request to their IT department that following domain be added to the white list of accepted domains:

That domain is where the styles (i.e. look and feel) for your site are located. Once that domain is allowed to be accessed, the affected user should start seeing your site show up correctly.

It might also be a good idea for the user to ask their IT department to take a look at your new site from a technical perspective to identify any other security bottlenecks they might have in place (i.e. blocking IP addresses, etc.).

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