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Admin Event Registration Email Notifications
Admin Event Registration Email Notifications

Learn how admins, or other team members, can receive an email notification for each new registration on your event.

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For those unique events when you, a team member, or a volunteer needs to know about each new registration as it happens, you can set up event registration email notifications. This feature will enable you to keep on top of required follow-up tasks and simplify event tracking among multiple collaborators.

Email Notification Setup

For registration notifications, you can add an email address for your staff or someone outside the organization, such as a member, and add multiple addresses as needed.

To setup registration notifications:

  • Go to the Settings tab in your Event

  • Type the email address into the Send New Registration Notifications To field

  • Once all of the email addresses have been added, click the Save button

What Happens When Attendees Register

When a registration is completed, either from the frontend website or on the backend by an admin, a notification will be sent to each email (from the setup above) that includes Purchaser, Attendee and Purchase Summary details.

The notification email will provide links for the recipient to view more details. Only individuals with admin access will be able to view the links to backend event settings and information.

Example Email:

How To "Unsubscribe" Someone from Event Email Notifications

To remove individuals from the email notification list:

  • Go to the Settings tab of the event (on the backend)

  • In the Send New Registration Notifications To field, backspace to remove the email address

  • Note: Recipients who do not have admin access and want to stop receiving the notifications must ask an admin to remove their email.

Note: Recommended best practice for monitoring your event registrations would be to review the Attendee list in Novi on a regular basis. However, this Notification Email option is available to help ensure follow-up tasks aren't missed, such as adding exhibitors to a trade booth map, assigning golf teams, or keeping others, such as a Board or committee member, in the loop for your event.

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