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Using Override Links for Event Detail & Registration Pages
Using Override Links for Event Detail & Registration Pages

Redirect users from an event on your website to a unique page or third-party platform by adding Override Links in the event settings.

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When should Override Links be used for an event?

  • Do you have an event set up in Novi that is showing in the frontend Events calendar and list view, but also has additional information on another webpage or third-party platform?

  • Do you have the event details on your Novi website but registrations are being collected on a different site?

  • Do you want to share an event for a partner association on your calendar?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, the Override Link options may be just what you need to give your attendees a seamless experience between the two sites/pages!

How do Override Links work?

Admins can enter an alternate URL in these fields, which allows you to display the event on your frontend calendar and then redirect website visitors to the alternate destination - such as Cvent or a special event promotion webpage. These fields are optional so you can use one or both, as needed.

Event Override Links allow admins to override the frontend URLs for:

  • Event Details Page - This is the page where all of your event information is displayed for potential attendees (date, time, location, additional details, event contact info, etc.). When a user clicks on an event from the main event list they will be taken to the event details page by default. This is also the URL that is usually shared in marketing communications.

  • Event Registration Page - This is where the Purchaser can login, view and purchase available Tickets, enter attendee information, and submit payment. When a user clicks the "Register Now" button on the event details page they will be taken to the registration page by default.

Continue reading for more info on how to include events on your calendar that do not link to the standard Novi event pages...

Where can I enter Override Links for an event?

  • On the backend of Novi, go to the event's Settings tab.

  • Then scroll down to the Event Display Options section.

What else do I need to know about the Override Link settings?

1. With the Details Override Link you can point visitors to a static page, micro-site or external site for more details on the event. For example, a static page with more customized event details for a trade show, or a link to a partner association who is hosting the event.

2. If you choose to direct visitors to an outside page for details, you can still utilize Novi registration for tickets and purchases. Simply click the Copy Link button beside the Novi Registration Link box, then insert as the link on your call to register and it will point attendees to Novi for registration and payment.

3. Use the Registration Override Link if you want to use Novi's standard event page for details, but point users to an outside resource for registration. For example, a Zoom webinar registration or a third-party event management platform.

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