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Maximize the Member Compass with Content and Direct Links
Maximize the Member Compass with Content and Direct Links

Learn how to link to Member Compass tabs and place content in front of your members visible to them when they first log in.

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The Member Compass is one of the first views in your members' experiences with your website. Customize it to make several of the benefits you provide just a click away for your members!

Link Directly to the Member Compass Sections

Direct links to Member Compass tabs allow you to provide a seamless experience for member account management.

For example, add direct links as a call to action or email campaign reminding your members to update their Profile and, if they have management access, their People. You can even link directly to a specific field in the user's Profile!

Do you provide your members a link or have website navigation to Pay Dues? Use a direct link to the Pay Balance section to make it a one-click navigation to collect those dues!


Add /member-compass to the end of your website domain as the direct link to bring members to the Dashboard page of the Member Compass.

  • Novi Tip: Consider linking to the Member Compass dashboard in your email campaigns, instead of the /login page, so members who are already logged in don't have to enter their Username and Password again.

Sections (or Tabs)

Share a direct link to each of the Member Compass tabs by adding to your domain /member-compass#NAME-OF-TAB, or right-click on the tab in the Member Compass and click Copy Link Address to share.

Specific Field

To link to a specific field within the Profile tab, add the section name to your domain. Like this: /member-compass#profile-NAME-OF-FIELD.

Customize the Member Compass Dashboard

To get started, make sure you are logged in with your admin account. From the frontend website, click your name in the top right-hand corner of the site to be taken to the Member Compass.


Use the space on the main dashboard page to share news and resources. Both members and non-members with User Accounts will see this information. This may be your opportunity to encourage non-members to sign-up for access to those resources!

The content region is editable allowing you to add images, calls to action and formatted text.

Member Compass Alert

Since the Member Compass is the first page users see after logging in to your website, this is a great place to add an alert!

  • Click in the text area next to the alert icon and enter your alert.

  • Once you save, this will appear on everyone's Member Compass.

When not using the alert, leave the text area blank and it won't show for members. Note: As an admin you will always see the alert bar on your Member Compass even when left blank. This is so you can add and remove a message as needed.

Blog Categories

Add specific categories from your blog to display on the Dashboard. Share industry and member-only news, or consider rotating in categories to highlight new ones each month and grow engagement with your blog.

  • To add, first go to the backend. Click Categories under Blog.

  • Open to Edit a category and you will see the option to Display on Member Compass Dashboard.

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