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Roundtable: Retargeting and Revenue Opportunities
Roundtable: Retargeting and Revenue Opportunities

May 5, 2021 Feathr; Growing Membership and Revenue Opportunities with Retargeting

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During this roundtable we discussed what retargeting is, and how it can be used to drive membership as well as provide opportunities to earn additional non-dues revenue. Our friends at Feathr presented the background of retargeting with use-cases and examples. We heard from Novi customers on how they use retargeting with Feathr, too!

Audience Poll: How familiar are you with Retargeting?

  • 16% were very familiar with Retargeting and have utilized it;

  • 21% were somewhat familiar - have heard or looked into retargeting but haven't utilized it

  • 63% were unfamiliar and here to learn about it!


  • Find out more about Feathr, a marketing toolkit for associations and events, at their website!

A big thank you to Tom Christmann with Feathr for co-hosting, and thank you to Gio at MMHA and Tonya at NATOA for sharing!

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