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Your Novi Launch!

At Novi AMS, we want to ensure that staff and members smoothly transition to your new system.

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Launch Schedule based on Approval

Novi launches may be scheduled for Monday through Thursday.

*If we receive your approval prior to the close of business (6 PM EST) on a...

  • Monday = That Wednesday launch

  • Tuesday = That Thursday launch

  • Wednesday = Following Monday launch

  • Thursday = Following Monday or Tuesday launch

  • Friday = Following Tuesday or Wednesday launch

*Unless you have specifically approved a different future launch date in your approval email.

Note: Approvals received after hours, on the weekend, or on holidays will be treated as approval on the following business day.

What to Expect on Launch Day!

On launch day, the Novi team will perform our portion of the required launch steps, and then send the next steps/DNS record information to your IT contact via email, and CC you.

Be sure your IT contact is on standby to complete the final DNS changes which will officially push the site live. Our developers have a few final tasks to complete afterward, so we ask that the DNS changes are completed as soon as possible.

We will reach out with an official launch email to you once we are able to see the live, new website on our end!

Note: Launch step timing varies for each website, so please note that this process may occur or begin anytime during launch day and not necessarily first thing in the morning.

Launch Day FAQs

How long will it take for my new site to show up?

It can sometimes take up to 24-48 hours for DNS settings to fully propagate throughout the Internet, meaning that some may see the new site on launch day and some may not. This is one of the reasons to implement a soft launch period until you're fully comfortable with the launched site.

Can I continue making edits to the staging site on launch day?

Refrain from making any edits to the staging site on launch day as these will not transfer over to the live site if we have already begun the launch process.

Will I need to take any immediate action once my new site is live?

Once your site is launched, the next step will be to connect your live site to QuickBooks Online, a very quick process. You will want to do this as soon as possible so that the site is able to perform all necessary functions. We'll send you instructions when the time comes!

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