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Editing Blog / News Content Regions

Learn how to edit content in your blog regions.

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If you're looking to edit your blog/news pages and articles you've come to the right place!

This article covers:

Titles, Taglines, and Descriptions

Your blog/news section can include as many categories of articles as you create. Each category has a title, a tagline, and a description area.

In this example (see image below), "#WeAreAONW" is the title and "Advice, News & Happenings at AONW" is the tagline of a blog category.

  • These two sections are editable within the category on the backend under Blogs > Categories.

  • The Title and Tagline are not editable from the frontend.

  • If you are on your main news page, and not in a specific category, edits to the title and tagline can be made in Association Settings.

The description area under the title and tagline is editable from both the frontend and backend for each category.

Note that while your site's theme may have a blog/news section that is styled differently from this example, the underlying content sections are the same.

Main Article Content

Within a specific article, the main content can be added and edited either on the frontend or backend. Just be sure to use one method at a time, to avoid overwriting your work.

To make edits on the frontend:

  • Navigate to the blog article

  • Click into the main article section.

To make edits on the backend:

  • Navigate to the Blog section, then Articles.

  • Click the name of the article, or Edit in the Action column.

  • Notice that the main article content corresponds to and is editable in the HTML section (see image below).

Note that the title, date, and author are set up exclusively on the backend.

Article Sidebar Content

Within the blog navigation sidebar, there are two editable regions to add custom content - one region above Categories, and another region above Most Recent Posts.

Note that these sections only appear on a desktop screen and are not designed to appear on a mobile view. Also, the content in the sidebar will be the same on each article so you only have to update it once!

Adding Content

  • In each of these regions, when you Click to edit, the frontend content editor will appear - allowing you to add text, links, images, and/or embed code.

  • Images in these sections may need a quick bit of responsive code added to them.

  • Don't forget to click the green Save button in each section when you're done making edits!

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Items of Note:

  • Images in these sections may need a quick bit of responsive code added to them.

  • Content in the sidebar only appears on a desktop screen and is not designed to appear on a mobile view.

  • Content in the sidebar navigation region will be the same throughout the blog.

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