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Novi AMS Platform Uptime & Status
Novi AMS Platform Uptime & Status

What to do if you have trouble accessing your Novi website.

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Written by Pete Zimek, CAE
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At Novi AMS we know nothing can be quite as frustrating as a system being down while you are trying to work. We're very proud of our historical uptime (99.99%) and we make every effort to ensure the platform remains available to you and your members. From time to time we may have planned maintenance, unplanned issues, or downtime caused by circumstances beyond our control. When those things happen, you can find the latest on our platform status by visiting

Feel free to take a look now if you're interested in our historical uptime! You are also welcome to subscribe to updates there so that we can inform you of any planned outages or downtime.

If our platform status shows green but you are still having issues accessing your website, feel free to reach out to us either via Intercom (the blue bubble below) or by emailing Each customer has their own website domain name & configuration which may be the cause of an individual outage and our team will be glad to help you out.

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