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A Guide to Updating Your Logo

Learn how to update your site's logo and branding information like association name

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Did you just go through a re-brand, celebrate an anniversary, or have a new version of your logo? Follow the step-by-step guide below for how to update your site's logo.

Where your logo is used

Logos from the Association Settings tab will dynamically be shown on the follow areas of your site:

  • Header/Navigation

  • Footer (select themes)

  • Email Header

  • Member Profile Badge Background Image

  • Member Type Area on Member Profile

By default, the primary logo will show in all of these places. If your secondary logo is being used on inner pages, then this would affect the member badge background and member type area on member profiles. If this setting needs to be changed with your new logo, please contact Novi.

How to update your logo

If your logo is a drastically different shape than the current (soon-to-be-replaced) logo, you may need to reach out to Novi for further assistance. Custom design work may be needed to have your logo fit within the navigation.
Your Association Settings > Association panel is the dashboard to update your logo. On this page, you will also be able to update your association name, association social media links, and other elements like address if needed.

To access Association Settings:

  • On the backend of your site, click the gear icon (top right).

  • In the drop-down menu, under Settings, click Association Settings

  • A new window will pop up with a navigation menu of settings for your organization.

  • Navigate to the Association tab

To update your logo and secondary logo:

  • Click the Replace File (or Select for Novi File) button.

  • Select the file and click Open (or Insert).

If your branding update includes a name change, you are able to update your Association Name, Abbreviated Association Name and Social Media URLs as needed in this tab as well.

Other areas your logo may be used

There are several other places throughout your site that may contain your logo. These items are all graphics and would require a new graphic to be uploaded.

  • Favicon (Associations Settings > Static Content)

  • Apple Touch Icon (Associations Settings > Static Content)

  • Article Default Featured Image on Listing Page (Associations Settings > Blog)

Any questions, please reach out to Novi!

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