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Adding Multiple Contact Email Addresses to an Invoice

Learn how to send invoices to multiple emails.

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Sometimes you may need to send an invoice to more than one email address. For example, a member may want a copy for themselves and a copy for their accountant. Depending on the need, there are two ways admins can accomplish this.

Sending One-Off Invoices to Multiple Email Addresses

In Novi when emailing one-off invoices, admins have the option to add additional email addresses when sending. (Note: a company/organization's billing contact is included when sending invoices by default).

The Email field when sending one-off invoices in Novi allows admins to include other persons from within the family tree via a dropdown and/or outside email addresses can be manually added to the field as needed.

Regularly Sending Invoices to Multiple Email Addresses

Important Note Regarding This Option:
Constant Contact and MailChimp will not accept an Email field with multiple email addresses. Therefore, records with multiple email addresses in the Email field cannot be synced by Novi to Constant Contact or MailChimp.

There may be a need to ensure that invoice are always sent to multiple email addresses - adding multiple email addresses to the Email field in QuickBooks Online will allow invoices to be sent consistently to multiple email addresses.

  1. Open QuickBooks Online.

  2. Find the customer and click to edit their information.

  3. In the customer information modal, under "Email," add the email addresses you'd like their invoices to go to, separated by a comma. (see screenshot below)

  4. Save and head back to the Novi backend

  5. In Novi, navigate to Accounting > QuickBooks Sync and click the "Sync Manually" button in the top right corner to sync the info from QuickBooks Online to Novi immediately. Once this is done, this will update the customer Contact Information in Novi and you are ready to send your invoice.

QuickBooks Online

Novi AMS

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