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Roundtable Recap: Zapier Integrations
Roundtable Recap: Zapier Integrations

May 4, 2022

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During this roundtable, Novi customers discussed Zapier integrations and how they can be used to coordinate with Novi AMS β€” resulting in impressive workflow automation enhancements!

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Key takeaways from the roundtable:

Zapier Definitions:

  • Zap: An automated workflow in Zapier that tells your apps to follow this simple command: "When this happens, do that."

  • Task: When a Zap runs, each action it completes counts as one task.

  • Trigger: An event that starts a Zap.

  • Action: What your Zap does for you.

Reasons Why Novi Customers Use Zapier:

  • Saves them time

  • Helps prevent human error and oversights

  • Creates engagement opportunities with members

Ways Novi Customers Utilize Zapier for Automated Workflows:

  • Receive instant notifications when new members create accounts.

  • Immediately alerted when members make changes to specific areas of their member profiles, such as job title changes, designations, etc., so members can be recognized on social media for achievements in a timely manner.

  • Notified when members add or update profile photos so staff can ensure photos look great on the website and in directories.

  • Alerted when members purchase donations/sponsorships so staff can immediately thank members.

  • Engage lookup functions to fill in member data collected in other apps on Novi customers' member profiles to help shorten forms.

  • Receive real-time notifications on members' birthdays so staff can create and send customized birthday greetings to members.

  • To instantaneously send documentation when high-level sponsorships are purchased for the sponsor to sign and return (DocuSign has Zapier integration).

4 Zapier Tips from Novi AMS:

  1. Reach out to Zapier's amazing customer service when questions arise.

  2. When it comes to testing trigger data, Zapier looks for the most recent test triggers. You can use the test trigger option to "Load More" to find the most recent test record in real-time.

  3. If you have a complex Zap that already works but you want to make changes to it, create a copy of a current Zap and edit the copy with potential changes for testing.

  4. Utilize your Novi staging site for testing purposes if you aren't comfortable working on your live site.

Other Zapier features mentioned by Novi customers:

  • Filter options

  • Date formatting

  • Delay options

  • Ability to pay for extra tasks versus having to upgrade into next payment tier

  • Only charged for actions that run, not charged for actions that error out or are filtered out

  • Multiple Novi accounts can connect to Zapier

Overall, Novi customers who have integrated Zapier into their Novi workflows had rave reviews for the ease of use and fantastic automation options!


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