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QuickBooks Bundle Items

Learn what makes QuickBooks' bundled items (products and services) unique and how Novi interacts with them.

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The QuickBooks Bundle

QuickBooks defines a bundle as "a group of items that you can sell and track." They suggest that you "group items you often sell together into bundles so you can easily add multiple items to transactions."

In basic terms, a bundle is a group of items.

When you add a bundle as a line item on a transaction, QuickBooks will show not only the bundle, but it will also show the component items.

Many people will use a gift basket as an analogy for explaining a bundle. A gift basket might be comprised of a basket, 3 bars of chocolate, 1 bottle of wine, and 5 types of cheese. Each of those components could be sold on their own, but together they are sold as a bundle.

The QuickBooks bundle works well if your "gift basket" is always the sum of the components with no deviation (or discount) in price. Anyone who has spent time in retail would tell you that this is rarely the case. Once items are bundled together into that gift basket, the natural question is "What is the price for the basket?"

The only way to alter the price of the basket would be to go to the specific items and alter the price from there.

QuickBooks is quick to point out that their bundles are not assemblies. This is why the prices remain at the component level. Pricing assemblies can come with a number of complicating factors, and QuickBooks is likely trying to keep things simple.

QuickBooks Bundles & Novi AMS

With the complexities surrounding bundles, we have decided to exclude them from the list of QuickBooks items available in membership dues rules, event tickets, and Ecommerce products. It's our opinion that making bundles available within Novi would overcomplicate the system without much gain for our customers.

The above said, you are welcome to create transactions within QuickBooks using bundles. We will continue to sync those transactions into Novi so that your staff can have a wholistic picture of your members' accounting. Your members will also have the ability to access those transactions within their Member Compass.

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