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Share Member Data with NAA

Learn how NAA can securely access affiliate data using API Keys.

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The National Apartment Association (NAA) offers a data exchange for affiliates using Novi!

That means affiliates can now safely share essential information about their members. As a first step, your association must create an API Key in Novi, which you'll ultimately share with NAA to establish the data exchange.

What is an API?

To put it simply, an API is an interface that allows two or more organizations to share information securely. API keys, meanwhile, are unique codes that clarify exactly who will be exchanging data and to what extent.

Why should I exchange data with NAA?

Participating in this data exchange eliminates the labor and time-intensive process of manually submitting member information to NAA, allowing members to quickly and efficiently access national-level resources, providing a better, more seamless member experience.

Aside from a handful of required fields, Novi allows you to choose what information you’d like to share with NAA when setting up an API key.

How can I start sharing my data?

1. First, go to the Gear settings icon on the backend of your site. From there, navigate to Advanced > API Keys.

2. On the next screen, click Add API Key.

3. In the modal that appears, you'll need to input the following information:

  • Name: This is just to help you remember who/what this API key is for. Something similar to "[Your Association Acronym] - NAA Data Exchange" should work fine.

  • API Key: This is auto-generated and will appear after you Save & Close the modal.

  • Events to Send: Enter “customer.created”, “customer.updated”, and “customer.removed”.

4. After providing these details, you can move on to picking the Scope of information you'll be sharing. For exchanging data with NAA, you only need to provide access to Member Data.

After checking the box next to Member Data, you will see a toggle to Limit Member Data. This toggle should remain OFF.

5. Finally, click Save & Close. When you're led back to the main API Key screen, you'll find a unique code that you can share with NAA to begin the data exchange.

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