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Sample Documents for Educational Purposes Only

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All Novi AMS customers are required to maintain both a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This is not just a best practice but it's also something we require in our contracts. Without a properly written Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, the association could be open to lawsuits from any number of angles.

Legal terms are maintained on a special page on your website, This page is not editable by Novi admins, so content must be uploaded and edited by an association admin.

Website visitors and members will be presented with a link to these terms and conditions upon initial signup or when checking out as a guest similar to the one below:

Can Novi Help?

When it comes to terms of service and privacy policies, unfortunately the Novi AMS team is limited in the ways that we can help. We are not attorneys, so we cannot and will not provide any legal advice.

Sample Documents

The sample terms of service and privacy policy below are provided as examples designed to give you a general idea of what types of information can be found within. Again, these documents are merely samples. We highly recommend that you consult with your own attorney prior to using either document in any way. 

Uploading a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

When you have finalized your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, you may upload them by logging into your website and by adding "/legal" to the end of your website's URL. Unfortunately, the Novi support team is unable to review or post these legal documents for you. However, we would be happy to help if you have specific, technical questions surrounding how to post your content.

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