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Map Dynamics Integration

How to embed Map Dynamics into your Novi website.

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Start by creating a page on your website where you want the Map Dynamics embed to live. If this has already been done, or you are just adding it to an existing page, skip to the next section.

To create a new page:

  1. In Novi, go to Static Content > Pages & Folders > and click "Add Page."

  2. Fill out the pertinent info and be sure to switch the template from Default to Full Width.

  3. Once your page is set-up, you can now add it as a navigation item or choose to link to it from another page.

Adding the Map Dynamics Embed

Now that you have the page setup and ready on your Novi website, you will need to copy & paste the embed code into your source code on that page. 

To get the embed code, follow the instructions from Map Dynamics in this article. Once you have the code:

  1. Copy the code

  2. Go to the webpage in Novi where you want the embed to appear

  3. Click in the CMS region to display the editing toolbar.

  4. On the toolbar, select source code. Paste your copied code into the open modal and click ok. It should look similar to the below.

You will notice that the embed by default appears much smaller than the page. If you'd like to adjust the size of the embed, replace the second line of their code with

Be sure to update the embed _id=X, with your embed ID found from the previous  code. Our suggestion is to set Height to 600 and width to 1200

Your final code will look something like this:

<!-- Start Embed Code -->
" <script type="text/javascript"src=""></script>
<!-- End Embed Code -->

Your embed is now complete!

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