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Association Settings: Transactional Emails
Association Settings: Transactional Emails

Set your communication preferences for transactional emails in Association Settings.

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The Transactional Emails tab in Association Settings allows admins to manage email preferences for transactional emails, customize security settings for the Member Directory contact form, verify Domain Authentication, and set Link Tracking preferences.

Customize 'From' Addresses by Department on Transactional Emails

Your Novi website has a designated 'From' address on all transactional emails sent to members, including those related to event registrations, new memberships, password resets, and more.

To help organize these emails, you can override that Default Email by assigning specific 'From' and 'Reply-To' addresses for transactions across four categories:

  • Website User Management, including account creation and password resets.

  • Membership, including welcome and renewal notifications.

  • Events, including event registrations and capacity notifications.

  • Ecommerce, including new order confirmations and fulfillment notifications.

  • NPS, for the NPS survey sent to targeted individuals.

You can control these addresses under Association Settings in the Transactional Emails tab. Check the box for Designate Transactional Email Addresses by Department to edit who receives transactional emails for each category.

Items of Note

  • These are only for transactional emails and do not impact your connected marketing email platform.

  • As an admin user, with the exception of Novi Smart Invoices, you can control the “From” address for financial transactions within QuickBooks Online.

Default Email Address for Transactional Emails

Beyond the options above, the site will always have a main Default Email Address that can only be edited by a Novi Admin.

  • If you don't enter a new email for any of these transactional email categories, these types of emails will still go to the Default Email Address.

  • To change the default email address, contact Novi using the blue bubble or emailing

Contact Forms

Spam Filter

Novi AMS maintains a global list of profanity and other words that indicate spam. Use this field to add additional words or phrases to our block list. Messages with a combination of blocked words are not delivered. Make sure to use commas to separate your words and phrases.

Contact Form Limit

Utilize this setting to limit the number of messages a user can send to other members via the contact form. The system will check a few different identification points for users to enforce this limitation.

Enable Member Directory Contact form

This setting provides the option to hide all member email addresses listed in the member directory using a member-to-member contact form.

It also provides the option for admins to be blind carbon copied on contact-to-contact form content between members.

More about this feature: Member Directory Contact Form

Keep Association Staff Looped in

This setting will result in a carbon copy of the member-to-member contact form being sent to the listed association staff emails to stay informed about any business transactions occurring between members.

Domain Authentication

We understand the importance of delivering your transactional emails to your members' inboxes. That's why we offer our customers access to our SendGrid account and its dedicated IP address at no extra cost. You can trust in our choice of SendGrid, as companies like Intuit, Spotify, and Instacart rely on their proven track record for delivering transactional emails with high inbox placement rates and low spam scores.

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