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QuickBooks is the System of Record for Accounting
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The Novi AMS sync with QuickBooks Online was architected by a QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, based on direct input from executives at Intuit and under the the careful watch of over a dozen association accounting professionals.

At the core of the sync is our belief that QuickBooks should be the system of record for accounting. When accounting transactions need to be created by Novi, they are always created in QuickBooks first before saving them to Novi. Generally, this process happens so quickly that a user would not notice.

However, the importance of this nuance can't be overstated. By saving accounting data in QuickBooks first, QuickBooks becomes the single source of truth.

An Example

Imagine a member visits the website to sign up and pay for an event with their credit card.

  1. Novi's first action is to create a sales receipt in QuickBooks. While this is done via the QuickBooks API, the end result is as if a bookkeeper had hand coded the transaction.

  2. We then run the credit card by connecting to the payment processor.

  3. Once the processor approves the payment, we update the sales receipt in QuickBooks with confirmation information provided by the payment processor.

  4. Only after all of those steps are complete, we will sync the sales receipt into Novi.

With this approach, QuickBooks is always correct.

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