Instructor Management

How admins and members can view and manage Instructor information.

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The Instructors section of Novi (located under the Events tab) allows you to identify specific records as continuing education instructors.

After assigning a record to this role, you're able to list the company or person as the Instructor for particular event tickets. Additionally, if your certificates of credit must be signed, you're able to collect an individual instructor's signature.

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Adding & Removing Instructors

To add a new instructor...

  1. Navigate to the Instructors section under the main Events tab.

  2. Click Add Instructor in the top righthand corner.

  3. In the modal that appears, begin typing the name of a record.

  4. Click your desired record from the suggested list.

  5. Save & Close.

If you need to remove an instructor later on, simply click Remove in the far right Action column.

NOTE: Both person and company records can be identified as instructors. However, you are not able to signatures for company instructors.

Designating Instructors on Event Tickets

After adding a record to your Instructors list, you're able to designate them as the instructor on specific event tickets!

In order to do this, your event ticket must have Continuing Education features turned on (meaning you want to attribute credits to the ticket). Additionally, you must input a credit amount before adding an instructor's name.

Instructor Information on the Backend

A person who has been identified as an instructor will have a new section under their member record's Details tab: Instructor Information.

As an admin, you're able to upload an image file of their signature. This signature will then appear in a member's credit details if they've earned credits from an event led by the instructor.

Instructor Information in the Member Compass

Alternatively, instructors can add (or draw) their own signature from their Member Compass! They will also see the Instructor Information section under the Profile tab of their Compass, where they can draw or upload this signature.

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