Common User Account Creation Errors

How to help your members when they have trouble creating a user account.

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If one of your members reports having trouble with their user account, the very first thing you should do is check to make sure they have a user account! 

Check for Existing User Account

You can easily check for this in your member database under the Members tab. Type in the name of the member and check to make sure their icon next to their name has a small computer next to it as noted in red below.

Create New User Account

If the person has NOT created their account, you can create their account for them by following these steps:

  • Go to the person's record on the backend

  • Click on the Settings tab

  • Scroll down to the Account Detail section

  • Enter their email address (which can't be associated with another person's user account)

  • Click the Create User button

    • Please note, if the person is having trouble receiving their email, see the information below regarding email deliverability.

Common Errors When Creating User Accounts

There are a few common errors that your members may receive upon creating their accounts. 

An account already exists for that email address

This occurs when someone has already created a user account with that email address. When there's a conflict, the user will receive a message that the email is in use on the frontend.

On the backend, a message will appear (in red font) below the email field. The message will list the name of the user who already has a user account with that email address, but will also provide a hyperlink so you can navigate directly to their profile. This will allow you to quickly troubleshoot the conflict.

If the email in use belongs to the user and is being used by someone else, you have the ability to remove it from the original user's account, but remember that they will no longer have an account if you do that.

You may suggest the user needing a new account create a separate email.

Invalid Token

This typically occurs when a password reset email was sent and the member did not reset their password within 24 hours. When a user uses an expired token, they will be taken to a page with a message that their link has expired and be prompted to request another password reset.

They may have also tried to use an email address different than the one on their User Account.

Steps to fix:

  1. Confirm whether it’s been over 24 hours. If so, resend the password reset email. This is found under the member’s record on the Settings tab and then click the Send Password Reset button. 

  2. If it hasn’t been over 24 hours, ensure that they are using the same email address displayed on their Settings tab. This may be different than the email on their Details tab. 

  3. If both of those things check out and they are still having trouble, please ask them what browser they are using and send a message to the Novi team with their name, email address, and browser type (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer).

Confirmation Code Email has not been received

It is possible that the email went into the user’s spam folder. Have them check there first.

If it’s not there, find their member record and send them a password reset. If they still don’t receive an email, their IT team may have created their own rules for what types of emails can be received. Have your member check with their IT department to see if your emails are being blocked.


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