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MailChimp: Emailing Contacts Who Have Not Registered for an Event
MailChimp: Emailing Contacts Who Have Not Registered for an Event

How to send marketing emails to contacts or members that are not registered for specific events, using MailChimp.

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If you want to send marketing emails to members who haven't yet registered for a certain event, you can do so with MailChimp! 

This allows you to reach your un-registered contacts in Novi with a "Don't forget to register!" email without sending repetitive mail to those already registered. 

This layer of customization gives your email communication a personal touch that will help you better communicate with your membership.

You'll first need to make sure that you have two things set up in Novi:

1) Create a Novi Group consisting of anyone you want to receive this email, such as All Current Members, if you do not already have a similar group created. Then, sync your group to MailChimp.

2) Sync your registered event attendees with a list. You can do this on the Settings tab on the particular event or by creating a Novi group.

Once you have these two things set up, give the sync a little bit of time to process.

Then, head to MailChimp and follow these steps:


  • Click Campaigns and follow the instructions until you are taken to the section to include the email recipients.

  • In the screen that opens: choose Novi AMS in the List field and then click "Group or new segment" in the Segment field.

  • Set your first condition. This should be set to say Novi AMS Interests > All of > (group with all members) - see screenshot

  • Set your second condition. Click the "add" button at the bottom left of the screen to add this section. This should be set to say Novi AMS Interests > None of > (group with event attendees) - see screenshot

  • From here, you can continue to create your campaign as normal, and MailChimp should send this campaign to your group, excluding current registered event attendees.

*Note: These are fun tips/suggestions we have collected based on ideas from customers. Specific questions on functionality in MailChimp should be directed to their support teams. The setup in MailChimp is subject to change as they update their platforms, but the idea remains.

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