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Accounting Task Force Recap: QuickBooks Online Sales Receipts
Accounting Task Force Recap: QuickBooks Online Sales Receipts
May 10, 2023
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Historically, QuickBooks Online required a customer name on every transaction. This is no longer the case. In response, the Novi team organized an Accounting Task Force to discuss how we can best address this update.

Key takeaways from the task force meeting:

How Has QuickBooks Changed?

  • Most notably, QuickBooks Online no longer requires customer names on sales receipts.

  • This significantly impacts the relationship between QuickBooks and Novi, particularly when handling guest purchases.

    • The "Novi Guest" record (which you've likely seen attached to purchases made by users without an account on your Novi site) was initially created to address QuickBooks' requirement.

How Has Novi Changed?

  • This update is only applicable to sales receipts created in QuickBooks. Any purchases made by non-logged-in users on the Novi side will still produce sales receipts linked to "Novi Guest."

How Should We Respond to This Change?

  • The Task Force unanimously agreed to keep the "Novi Guest" record.

  • However, opinions were more divided on whether Novi should force "Novi Guest" onto nameless receipts generated in QuickBooks.

    • Finding sales receipts without names in QuickBooks is extremely challenging since they aren't attached to a record. Therefore, adding "Novi Guest" (or another name) is important.

    • However, if Novi starts forcing names on these receipts, we would essentially be altering your accounting information "under the table." Although we wouldn't be doing it maliciously, this still wanders into dangerous territory.

The Final Decision

  • Novi will not be forcibly attaching "Novi Guest" to nameless receipts from QuickBooks.

  • However, these nameless receipts will still appear in your Novi Transactions with "Customer Not Identified" (or something similar) appearing in place of a name.

    • This will allow you to easily find these nameless receipts without digging through QuickBooks.

    • Once you've found the receipts, you have the authority to decide how you'll handle them. You can go back and tie the receipt to "Novi Guest" or a different existing record.

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