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Add Custom Words to Your Spam Filter
Add Custom Words to Your Spam Filter

The Spam Filter can be expanded to include words from spam messaging that your organization has received.

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If members receive spam messages using words outside of Novi's pre-populated list of globally identified spam words, associations can add unique words to their Spam Filter.

Add Words to Spam Filter List

In Association Settings under Transactional Emails, admins will see an area called Contact Forms: Spam Filter.

  • A note from Novi AMS reads: Novi AMS maintains a global list of profanity and other words that indicate spam. Use this field to add additional words or phrases to our block list. Messages with a combination of blocked words are not delivered. Make sure to use commas to separate your words and phrases.

To add unique words to your Spam Filter list, click the Show your additional list link (see screenshot below).

When the additional list opens up, admins can add unique words to their site's list.

The filter will block these phrases under the following conditions:

  • Blocked phrases/words are used 2 or more times in any field in the contact form. This can be the same phrase 2 times, or a combination of any 2 phrases on the global list/spam filter list. This helps prevent true communications from being blocked by "too stringent" rules.

  • The blocked content is in any field of communication through the website's main Contact Form, or the Directory Contact Form to members.

    • Note: If not using the Directory Contact Form, and allowing site visitors to view member emails in the directory, Novi cannot control the content they send outside of the website.

Note: Be precise in choosing words to add to the list and do not include words that potential members may include, as those emails would be marked as spam and not delivered. Organizations cannot retrieve emails marked as spam by the spam filter.

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