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Payment Details for QuickBooks Online Receipts

Learn how to create a custom Sales Receipt template with Payment Method details and set it as the default.

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Viewing Last 4 Digits of Used Credit Card on Backend and Frontend

When processing payments via QuickBooks Payments, Novi will display the last 4 digits of the card number used to make the payment on the “Message Displayed on Sales Receipt” (for Sales Receipts) or Memo (for Payments) section.

Admin View:

User View on Receipt:

Adding the Payment Method to the Sales Receipt

Note: You will need access to QuickBooks Online to make these changes.

QuickBooks Online offers its own "Payment Method" feature that can be enabled within your templates. While this feature may occasionally overlap with the information Novi adds to the memo line, it has its limitations. Therefore, we've taken the initiative to ensure consistency in your members' receipts, providing a cleaner and more reliable solution.

It is a common practice to have the payment method showing on sales receipts. However, with Quickbooks Online, their default template for sales receipts does not always have this added and QuickBooks does not allow for this feature to be turned on manually on the default template.

To change this and allow the payment method to show, you will need to create a new Sales Receipt Template in Quickbooks Online and make it your default template.

To create a new Sales Receipt template with the payment method included, follow these steps:

  • First, navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner of Quickbooks Online. Under the Your Company column, select Custom Form Styles.

  • Click the New Style button and select the Sales Receipt option.

  • Once the template editor opens, give your template a name. It will automatically populate a name but you are welcome to change it to something else.

  • This first page allows you to edit your logo settings, color palette and the look and feel of your receipt in general. If you don't change anything on this page, it will resemble the standard default template that Quickbooks Online has already designed.

  • Next, you'll need to change the information included on the Sales Receipt. Click the middle Content button on the top bar.

  • To select which part of the Sales Receipt you want to edit, click on the top "header" section that includes the company info and sales receipt info.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box for Payment Method in the Display section.

  • Once you are satisfied with the look and content of your Sales Receipt, click the Done button (bottom right).

    Next we will make it the default option for all Sales Receipts...

  • Once you are back to the Custom Form Styles Page, you will see the template you just created. Click the arrow next to the Edit button and click on the Make Default option.


You should now be set to have the payment method showing on all of your sales receipts!

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