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Automate Scheduled Email Delivery of Custom Reports
Automate Scheduled Email Delivery of Custom Reports
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Keep stakeholders informed and updated with automated custom report delivery built right into the reporting module.

Setting Up Scheduled Emailing

With the automated scheduling feature, set a cadence for reports to be sent out at specified intervals on days, weeks, or months. This functionality is available under the Report Share Settings for any custom report by toggling the Email Report on a Schedule to ON. Once toggled, a variety of options will appear.

If choosing to send reports on a date that varies from month to month (like 31st), Novi will skip the date if it is not a date in the given month and resume sending in the next month. If the goal is to send the report on the last day of the month, please select Last Day Of Month to ensure reports are sent monthly.

Report Format Flexibility

Whether stakeholders prefer a detailed PDF and/or a versatile CSV format, either or both are options! This flexibility ensures that everyone receives reports in the format that suits their preferences or organizational requirements.

Recipient Customization

Gone are the days of manual email distribution lists. Reports can be sent to anyone, even if they're not currently in your Novi database. This opens up new possibilities for sharing valuable insights with a broader audience.

Scheduling Precision

The scheduling options offer flexibility in determining the frequency of report dispatch—be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Additionally, administrators can exercise granular control over the start and end dates of the schedule, along with the ability to specify the number of occurrences. This level of precision ensures reports are delivered precisely according to specified timelines and preferences.

Important Notes:

  • Consider the recipients of your reports carefully, as there is a possibility that the data may now be shared with individuals outside of your association since emails do not have to come from a record in the database.

  • In the custom report list view, observe the 'Next Scheduled Send' column to stay informed about the status of scheduled reports.

The email that is sent to the recipient will look similar to this:

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