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Communicate Important Information via Your Novi Website
Communicate Important Information via Your Novi Website

Learn how to communicate major alerts using site-wide alerts, the Member Compass, or by featuring an Event or Article.

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Sitewide Alerts

If you have a major alert to communicate with members, perhaps an upcoming natural event (hurricane/snow storm) or holiday resulting in office closure, use one or both of our sitewide alerts.

Alert Bar

The alert bar appears at the top of your website. Users will see this at the top of every page they visit. 

One-time Alert

This alert appears throughout the website until your website visitor has "Acknowledged" the message. Please note you can add links to other pages within this message. If you change/update the message, it will re-appear until the message is once again acknowledged.

Adding an alert

To add or edit an alert:

  1. On the backend, click the gear icon (top right) and select Association Settings in the backend.

  2. Select the Alerts tab.

  3. Enter your alert (don't forget to "paste as text" if you are copy/pasting the verbiage).

  4. Click the Save & Close button.

Removing an alert

To remove an alert from the frontend website, follow the steps above but in #3 you will delete all of the text.

Member Compass Alert

You may also want to set an alert on the Member Compass. To set this up, simply click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the site to be taken to the Member Compass. Click in the text area next to the alert icon and enter your alert message. Once you save, this will appear on everyone's Member Compass. 

Featured Events and Articles

If you have a major event coming up or important news, set it up as a featured event or article. This will make the news front and center on your homepage. To do this, visit your homepage settings, find the Top Featured section, search for your event or article and add to the section, and save.

This will default to show one featured event or article each time you visit the homepage. If you'd like to showcase multiple featured items in a carousel at once, please contact the Novi team to easily get the setting turned on.

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