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Create Member-to-Member Discounts and Special Offers
Create Member-to-Member Discounts and Special Offers

Learn how to display special discounts or deals in the Member Directory.

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If your members offer a special discount or deal on their services to other members in your organization, they can advertise these special offers on their member directory listing. You can also choose to make this feature available to Featured Listings only!

Setting up Special Offers

Step 1: Give it a name

The default name for this feature is Special Offer. To rename this feature:

  • Go to Association Settings > Membership > Special Offer Custom Label

  • Update the label of your special offer

  • Click the Save & Close button

Step 2 (If using Featured Directory Listings): Set directory listing availability

  • In the same Membership tab of Association Settings, go to Featured Listings

  • Choose how to display special offers in a directory with featured listings enabled - for both Basic & Featured members, or Featured Only members.

Step 3: Enable the feature by directory

  • On the backend, go to Members > Directories

  • Select the directory that will be using this feature

  • Go to the Settings section and toggle *Special Offer to ON

    *Note: This label will change to whatever you've chosen to call it in Step 1 above.
    If the directory is also using Featured Listings, with both Featured Listings and Special Offer toggled on, special offers will appear in the directory according to the Association Settings.

  • Click the Save & Close button

How to Edit the Special Offer on a Member Record

Edit specials as an admin on the backend

You can edit specials for members from the admin by going to the member's record and adding/editing the record on the Details tab.

Edit specials on the frontend

After a member has joined, they can log in to their Member Compass and click on the Company tab (see screenshot below). The Special Offer fields will be at the bottom of the page.

Items of note:

  • These fields are not available on the initial membership registration form, only in the Member Compass. Tip: Add a message to the welcome email encouraging new members to login and update their company's profile.

  • The Company tab in the Member Compass is only visible to company Primary Contacts, Billing Contacts, and users with management access to a company. Learn more about what they can see here.

What users will see on the frontend directory

Once a member (or admin) has entered the information about their offer, a "Special Offer" message will appear on their member listing in the member directory. The details of this offer can be viewed by clicking on their listing.

Special Offer Icon on the Member Directory Listing:

Special Offer Info on the Member Listing Page:

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