Use Callouts in Your Content to Highlight Important Information

Callouts can emphasize important information, break up a text-heavy page, and more!

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Callouts are a great way to make important content on your site pages stand out. Add simple text into your callout, or emphasize linked buttons. They'll also break up large chunks of text or add a little flavor to a page that may be lacking. 

To set up a callout:

  1. Toggle the Page Editor to Active.

  2. Click into the page to bring up the content editor.

  3. In the toolbar, find callouts in: Format > Formats > Blocks > Choose Primary or Secondary Callout.

Things to note:

  • If you set your cursor directly before or after a paragraph and create a callout, the text for that paragraph will go into the callout.

  • To create a blank callout, start on a new line before adding the callout.

  • Pressing enter in a callout will create a new callout below.

  • Pressing Shift+Enter will start a new line within the callout.

  • Basic styling still works in content - headers, links, buttons, etc.

  • Tip: Use the callouts as a way to highlight and emphasize information. Putting too much content in a callout may cause the page to look too busy.

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