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Use a PDF File as an Event Secondary Call to Action
Use a PDF File as an Event Secondary Call to Action

Learn how to create a secondary call to action button that links to a PDF file.

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Utilizing the secondary call to action (CTA) section in your events is a great way to organize information and event "to-dos" for members in a central location.  

If you're wondering what exactly a call to action is, it's a prompt for members to do, complete, or follow-through with something. It's a message that let's them know you want them to do something. A secondary call to action comes into play after members register for the event. It's all of the "other" things you need members to take note of or complete - a nomination form, an application, etc. 

Adding a secondary call to action

To add a secondary CTA to your event, follow these steps:

  • Head to the event on the backend.

  • Navigate to the Details tab.

  • Scroll down to the Secondary Call to Action section.

  • Name your CTA.

  • Enter in the URL that the button on the frontend should link to.

  • Add.

  • Save your event. 

Using a PDF as a secondary call to action

In order to create a secondary CTA, you'll need a URL for the button to link to. Linking to an external site is straightforward - all you'll need to do is name the CTA and copy/past the site URL. However, if you want the CTA button to link to a PDF file, it needs to be "hosted" somewhere to have a URL - otherwise it's just a file on your computer. To host your PDF on Novi and create a URL, follow these steps:

  • In the left navigation, click Static Content > Novi Files.

  • This will bring up the files modal. In the top left, click Upload and upload your PDF file. 

  • Once it loads, right click on your uploaded file. 

  • Click on Info. 

  • Copy the URL shown.

  • Head back to the event and paste this newly created URL in the secondary CTA section.

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