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During the onboarding process, the Novi team will create a staging site for your association. Password protected, this site will gradually transition from a shell of a website into your association's new digital home.

Association staff will be given access to their staging site so they can help the Novi team proof design updates and migrated content. Our teams will also work together to dial in settings, navigation, and other content. Some training may also be performed using the staging site.

Test Emails

If association staff would like to see test emails while they are 'playing around' in staging, Novi can set your domain as a safe domain to send to from the staging site.ย 

This means that the site will send out emails directed to email addresses with the safe domain. This is helpful if you'd like to test registering yourself for things like events or membership.

If the test is done with any other email address domain, only the Novi team will receive the email. If you'd like your staging settings updated to include your domain, please contact Novi staff.

Some data will be overwritten during the data import process

While much of an association's front-end website content can be created well ahead of time, certain items will be deleted during the data import process. This ensures that real-life data isn't junked up with testing data.

After Launch

After your new website is launched to the public, your staging site will live on as a place for your team to test out tweaks to your processes and content. You'll be able to use your staging website much in the same way as your full website with one significant exception - your staging site will not be connected to QuickBooks Online. This means while you can try out changes to dues rules, products, events, etc, you will not be able to actually create transactions for any of those areas.

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